Baron Nikolas v. ’t Brabantse Bont

Niko was Koetje in het nest. Hij is op 5 juni 2011 met zijn baas op de trein gegaan naar Schiphol, vervolgens op het vliegtuig naar Minnesota, om daarna naar huis te vliegen met het volgende vliegtuig, naar Californië. Niko is naar zijn nieuwe baasjes gegaan: Mark, Melissa & Marshall, te Riverside, Californië. Niko heeft ook zijn eigen website (nog onder constructie): Klik hier voor Niko’s website.
Niko woog 6.105 kilo toen hij het nest verliet met een leeftijd van 8 weken & 1 dag (+-8 weken).

Family photo (19 September 2011)

Niko bij Mark (3 Juni, nog in Nederland) 
Stabyhoun.nl3 Juni 2011
Vandaag is Mark vanuit Californië aangekomen in Nederland. Hij heeft de hele middag en een deel van de avond doorgebracht met de pups. We zijn met Niko naar de dierenarts geweest voor de gezondheidsverklaring, die hij moet hebben om mee te mogen op het vliegtuig naar Californië. Kerngezond!

4 Juni 2011
Nog een dag doorgebracht met Niko en de overige pups.

5 Juni 2011
De grote reis begint…

Wachten bij het hotel (09.00u)

En ze gaan op de trein (09.15u)

Tijdens de reis krijg ik updates en die zet ik meteen hier neer: 

In de trein (10.00u):                                                             Op schiphol; “at the gate!” (11.30u)                              
Onder de stoel, in het vliegtuig (13.10u)                               Playing at the handicap bathroom during the flight (13.30-22.00)

8.5 hour flight to Minneapolis, Niko was perfect! The baggage inspector ladies did not want to give him back!
The flight attendants let us play in the handicap bathroom during the flight :).
Next stop LA.

Mark arrived at LAX around 7:30 pm my time.  He is on his way home! Yeah!!!!!!!!! 
Kindest regards, Melissa.

6 Juni 2011
At home! More updates later. Niko is doing great! 

7 Juni 2011
Melissa: “He is just wonderful!  He is a real good boy, learning fast.  Has gone #2 potty (hahaha) only outside and has just missed the puppy pads a couple times #1 (pee).  Marshall is in heaven, but we all are I think.  Niko is everything we could have ever hoped for and more.
Mark got home Sunday night about 9:15 pm.  We all visited a while and then Mark wanted to shower. Our garage is attached to our home, we were still bringing things in and when Mark went to shower, Niko a bit concerned he was not right there went out into the garage and layed on Mark’s dirty clothes. It was the cutest thing, so we carried him into the bathroom and he was so happy to see Mark.  🙂  He really bonded with him.”   

Update 2; 7 Juni 2011
Mark: “Last night Niko was 100% better in his crate, 50% less crying!, so big improvement.  Potty training is doing well. His “stool” or poop yesterday was very soft, I think from the stress of the trip, but today it is normal, so very good news. He likes the meat and is eating good.
We have an appointment on Friday at 15:45 hr.(our time)  to see the vet for his next shots and a check up, we will also weigh him and I will send the report.  I am still catching up, I have to return to work tomorrow :(, but I will send more info as I get it done…
See attached photo, its great!”

Nederland 4 Juni; Ik (Patty) met de pups  

8 Juni 2011
Well, we had a huge breakthrough last night. Niko had his 3rd night here and now does not think his crate is “the dungeon”. 🙂 hahaha! He now loves his crate. The first two nights he was not too happy that he was in there by himself.  But, last night Mark went to bed, then an hour later Marshall went to bed and just after that Niko went down the hall near the bedrooms where we have his crate and he climbed into it and went to bed. He is doing great! 
Niko in backyard (7 Juni 2011)
Niko now likes his crate (7 Juni 2011)

Niko at home (7 Juni 2011)

Like mother like son (also chewing on a stick) (8 Juni 2011)

9 Juni 2011
Niko is napping right now.  Doing perfect.  Slept through the night in his crate last night. 🙂

Marshall and Niko on the way to school  

10 Juni 2011
Today, Niko had his first veterinarian visit since coming home, Dr. Gaertner was very impressed with Niko and said his health is excellent.  His weight is 15.6 pounds or 7.07 kg! He was given his vaccination and a dewormer.  The ID chip was checked and worked good, we are registering the chip number with US pet ID databases.
Niko has been playing lots in the backyard and seems to love digging in the garden and playing in the mud the most! 🙂  He sleeps through the night in his crate and is improving at his potty training.
Niko at the vet.  

13 Juni 2011
Niko had a great Sunday, just playing, eating and sleeping!  We are exploring more areas, in the photo you will see him in the flower garden, he is very curious.  Today we let him out in the yard when the lawn sprinklers were watering, to our surprise he walked out in the sprinklers and got all wet and seemed to like it, LOL! 

19 Juni 2011
Yesterday we installed a “doggie door” in a wall at our home so Niko can go in and out anytime he wants, the door has a lock so you can close it when you want.  We were expecting it would take a while for Niko to learn how to use it but we were wrong!  Within minutes of completing the door Niko went up to it and was looking outside, so we called him and he went through it…we could hardly believe it, later in the day he was going through it by himself!  Stabyhouns are so intelligent and quick learners.  His potty training is mostly complete and he goes to bed every night at 21:00 hr and gets up at 06:00 hour.  On Thursday Marshall had two friends over and they had a squirt gun fight and water hose fight in the backyard and Niko loved it, he really likes playing in the water.   He is eating and growing very well and on all counts a real blessing to our family.  

Niko at the new doggie door 

Patty schrijft:
Er komt over ongeveer een maand nog een vriendje bij Mark, Melissa en Marshall wonen. In overleg met ons (Massimo en Patty) hebben ze besloten dat er een puppy bij komt uit een Stabyhoun nest dat in Colorado is geboren. Hiervoor hebben ze ook 2 Stabyhounen gehad: Ranger & Pinto. Zij waren ook ongeveer van dezelfde leeftijd en hun wens was nu vanaf het begin af aan ook al 2 honden.
We zijn erg benieuwd naar de andere pup!

23 Juni 2011
Niko is doing fantastic!  As of Tuesday he has stopped thinking that Marshall is a little play toy and has learned that he cannot chew on him.  It was difficult for him.  😉  hahaha.   It was almost like he knew he could get away with it.  Just like a horse.  The minute you take the reins of a horse, they know if you know what you are doing.  Animals are so much smarter than most people give them credit for.
He is using his new doggy door 100%.  For the past three days he goes outside by himself, does his business and comes back in.  We watch him closely as we have 1 week more until our additional fencing is completed.  Pinto and Ranger had complete access to the two acres we fenced in from the orange grove. (1 acre for the house and 1 acre for the horses) We have a huge backyard and Niko will not be able to get into the horse arena or any of the horse area now.  He is not interested in doing so anyway.  It is so cute how he sits on the porch or in the grass and stares at the Friesian horses. (Our horses names are Kwantum, Leo and Sasha) He is interested but too afraid to make the venture by himself.  That is good for now, although we have taken him up there to meet them.  🙂
As we expected, like our last two Stabyhouns, Niko has been so easy to train so far.  Has never still #2 potty inside the house and only a few accidents for #1 on the tile.  (Usually our fault actually)  His last one just four days ago after the doggy door was installed, he tried to go out one morning, but we still had it locked closed.  He “tinkled” (#1) in front of the doggy door.  He is such a good boy for trying. 

29 Juni 2011
We have been incredibly busy the last few weeks improving the property for the puppies, we are installing some new grass this Saturday and then we are finished with all the work! Niko is doing great, he gets his next shots this Friday and we are going to weigh him, so I will send an update.
This Monday is Independence Day in America, it is a major holiday, so we get to stay home and celebrate, Niko will get to see and hear his first fireworks!

2 Juli 2011
We went to the vet today and Niko is very healthy, he got his 3rd shots and weighed approximately 23 pounds. (10.43kg)  He has gained approximately 8 pounds since June 10th! We have been taking him on walks at our neighborhood sports park to meet people and experience all the action, he likes it!

5 Juli 2011
Niko went with us last night to watch the fireworks (because of the 4th of July) and he did fine!  He did not seem to even notice the loud sounds, so it was just fine with him.

14 Juli 2011
Niko is doing great!  The new grass  is now growing and the yard is just fantastic with the new fencing. (see below)

Niko sleeping and chewing on his toys


“Niko’s” backyard – fenced in:

Melissa: “Mark is picking up the 2nd pup Saturday.  Leaves at 4am to catch a plane at Ontario International Airport (close to our house) and will be back at home at 9pm the same day.  We are very patriotic, even fly a huge American flag on a 35-foot flag pole, so we decided to name the 2nd pup Independence, we will call him “Indy”.    We plan to meet Mark at a new 40 acre city park where Niko and Indy and meet.  This was suggested to us.  The trainer lady I know said then Niko will then think he is bring Indy home to see our house.  🙂  We figured it couldn’t hurt. 
Niko just LOVES other dogs.  Our veterinarian suggested we wait to let him close to other dogs until his last round of shots.  But every time we take him to Petsmart (huge dog supply store) he wants to see the other dogs so badly.   You can take your dogs into the store.  He gets so excited to see other people, as if it is his long lost friend he has not seen in a year.  So, I think he will love Indy.”

Mark: “Niko is so great, I have been taking him out at 4:30 in the morning when I go to work so he can pee – – he is so sweet, then we go for walks and play in the evening when I get home, and we do stuff on the weekend. We had to restrict his food a little bit the last few days as he seemed to be getting a little belly! He still loves to eat! He is growing fast. I brought him to work with me last week for half a day, he even went to the car wash with me and did great, he got to meet a lot of strangers, he just loves everyone– I just love him for that.”

16 Juli 2011
Just boarded plane for Denver, will send updates later, can’t wait to see the puppies and Indy (Colorado litter), we are so blessed!
Cheers, Mark

17 Juli 2011 – 01.00 uur (’s nachts Nederlandse tijd)
Mark is probably boarding the plane in Denver Colorado now to come home.  You are probably sleeping.  I just got in from washing all the horses and cleaning up outside and wanted to forward this picture of “Indy” to you that Mark sended me.  🙂 


17 Juli 2011
We made it home safe and exhausted, everyone loves puppies, you have to stop so much to let all the people meet him and ask questions, in America no one has seen a Staby puppy before so people are very interested–they are so cute! I think we all got to bed around midnight!  Indy cried for an hour and then went to sleep, so pretty good, very stressful day for him. Both boys have played in the yard and had breakfast, the size difference is amazing, Indy is 10.5 pounds, Niko is about 25 pounds.

21 Juli 2011
Has been very exciting here the past five days! The two of them are doing real well. I attached a few of the pictures we have taken in the past few days. It is amazing how much smaller Indy is compared to Niko.  I think I told you that he was 5 pounds lighter at 8 weeks than Niko was.
Niko is doing a great job teaching Indy to use the Doggy door.  All great so far, but we had to put a little ramp on the inside because Indy is so little. It is so much fun to watch them run around the yard together and then at full speed enter the house through the doggy door.  I am so glad we bought the extra wide door.

25 Juli 2011
Niko is just wonderful.  Such a gentleman.  Waits until we open his kennel every morning, does not whine or get upset when we have slept-in an extra hour.  He sits patiently for his meals every day, even with the dry kibble there all day.  He comes in my office with me and just loves to be “special” when Marshall is paying special attention to Indy.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives!
We took the two of them to the Vet yesterday, Indy’s check up and 2nd shots and Niko’s 4th shots.  Niko weighed 28.3 pounds (At 15 weeks) and Indy weighed 12.4 pounds (At 9 weeks).  I am truly convinced that we will all be surprised how big Niko is when he is full grown.

3 Augustus 2011
Niko is just doing so well. Got his rabies shot today. Weighs 33.3 pounds (15,1 kilo). A couple of photos of last week. Niko and Indy are doing great together!

Niko (left) & Indy (right)

Indy (left) & Niko (right) playing

15 Augustus 2011 
Niko is mature for his age, a quick learner and a focused learner. Niko makes eye contact with me regularly, even when he is across the yard, and seems to ask; “what do you want?” He likes sticks a lot, not interested in balls (yet). He heels well on his walks, but tends to power walk, we are doing 30 minute walks now and he is tired when he gets home. He is very observant and always wants to be a part of whatever is going on, loves to go in the car and really loves people. His coat is very shiny and full – pretty dog. Niko just learned “down” and we are starting on “stay”
He is doing very well, a good example for Indy. 

19 September 2011
Niko is over 45 pounds (20.45 kilo) now and very smart, is constantly concerned that he knows where everyone is if we are home. He greets us with his favorite toy in his mouth, its very cute. The real exciting news is that just a few days ago he started to “catch” things in his mouth. Before this he would not catch anything, but I am very excited to see him catch!
He was a bad boy on Thursday, I was home early and Melissa made us lunch and we were going to eat on the patio, it was a very nice day. Melissa put the plates of pizza on the table and went back in to get the sodas and when she came back Niko was finishing off one piece of pizza, he is big enough now to get up on the table and snatch things, that is the first time he has done this.  When Melissa saw him she yelled at him to stop and he ran in the house and did not come back out. 🙂 We will be more careful next time. Niko loves to go places in the car, Indy does not like it as much.
Indy is 33 pounds and doing very well, he just finished his shots. Indy and Niko are eating the raw meat twice daily and RC kibble. They are best friends.

1 November 2011
I think you would just smile from ear-to-ear if you saw Niko.  He is just a prize. We weighed him at the 6 month mark and he was 52 pounds, now he is 55.5 pounds as of a week ago (25 kilo).  He has a gorgeous long coat of hair which is just beautiful and all ready getting a little curly on his back, which I love.
He is so smart!  I believe he would be fantastic at anything you trained him to do.  I know Mark told you about the “bring a toy” when he greets you.  He is doing another thing that I bet Senna might do too.  When you are standing doing the laundry or doing the dishes in the kitchen he will come up through your legs and look up at you.  🙂 
He also “scoots”, he has done this from day one………..  If he is sitting close to you and he wants to get closer, he sometimes does not get up and walk to you.  He will scoot over to you.
He is going to be a great “watch dog” too.  He is very aware of what is happening in the house & outside too and alerts us to anything out-of-the-normal.
Another cute thing he does is often at night when Mark and Marshall have gone to bed, if I am in my office or out in the living area working on the computer and he cannot get right where I am (we still have some baby-gates up) he does a grumble-growl.  It is a cute grumble-growl in discontent that you are not where he can be right next to you. 

15 November 2011
Niko does look amazing.  He is a BIG boy, but always has been.  He is absolutely beautiful. He is really getting a thick coat of hair and it is getting very curly on the top of his back. I like that. I promise pix soon. 🙂  Indy is doing much better.  He still looks like the skinny one, but not malnourished any more.  We started him on Nutrical about 3 months ago and that really helped pick up his weight.  He is long and slender and Niko is wide and has very large bone structure compared to Indy.  Indy is doing much better not digging in the yard as well. Indy also has a much better appetite than before.  He eats his meat fast like Niko does.  Of course, Niko takes his food seriously, but they have never growled or had issues about food.  They also have never fought or been mean to one another.  They are the best of friends!! 
Mark is great about getting them on their walks.  Of course our yard and house are big, and they play chase everyday, but every-other-day Mark and Marshall take them for walks and to the park.  Niko just LOVES that.   We are trying to teach him to stay calm, but of course it will take time.  🙂  They are perfect angles with the doggy door still.  They never do their duty inside the house.   

6 december 2011
Niko is just amazing.  Sooooo smart.  He is doing fantastic and about two weeks ago was 59.5 pounds.  He was a moose when he was a puppy and he is still a solid rock!  LOL  Niko is the watch-dog.  He is always alert and is a “big softy”  And very lovable dog too.  Mark often goes to work in the dark and it is getting dark here at 5pm so it has been difficult with all the company excitement as well to take some good time to take pictures.  It has also been very windy here the last two weeks and rained the previous three weekends prior to that.   
Indy is coming along and is about 42 pounds.  The Nutrical has worked wonders with him.  That stuff is amazing!!!  Here in America when the Parvo Virus was bad, people were saving dogs just getting them to lick it.  He is still very long and slender and what a personality on him.  Niko and Indy still are best pals and have never had a bad moment.  I believe Niko will be dominant, but Indy does not let him take his bones and  toys, nor eat any of his food before he is done.  It is so cute how Niko will sit like a gentleman and wait for Indy to give the ok on the bowl when he is done.   There has never been a snarl over food either.  Niko’s appetite is amazing, but he is very good about not taking bones quickly and they both know they have to sit for meals and bones and are very well behaved.  We call bones ‘COOKIES’ and boy!!!  Niko Loves that word!
We took them to the groomers for the first time last Friday.  It was very windy here and the yard was a mess.  (We still have to watch Indy with eating sticks from the trees)  The gardener was to come around 1pm and I needed to really get the house cleaned up.  We just wanted them to do the wash and dry, I think they did their du-claws as well.  (the nail on the inside of their legs.)  🙂  The owner FELL IN LOVE with Niko.  She use to have a Newfoundland that had the same color markings and she was just in love with him.   We don’t usually take our dogs to “groomers”. 

29 december 2011
I had the day off today and Marshall and I took the boys out for a walk and we had the chance to took some pictures, we attached 7 pictures. Niko is about 60-61 pounds (+-27 kilo) now, and his weight gain has slowed way down, Indy is 50 pounds (22 kilo) now and doing great.  We go on longer walks now, up to an hour and the boys love it. 

Indy on the front, Niko on the back


24 Mei 2012
We just weighed both of them.  Niko was 60.5 pounds (27.55 kilo)  and Indy was 50.5 (22,3 kilo), I believe.  For some reason Niko does not like to be picked up by anybody but me.  When Mark gets the scale out every month of so, he runs and sits next to me.  🙂  hahaha  We offer him a dog cookie (Bone) and he will reluctantly go to Mark.  🙂  it is so cute.  
We will send some pictures soon!!!

9 Juni 2012
Patty schreef: We hebben regelmatig mailcontact met Mark, Melissa en Marshall, maar hierbij weer een officiële update vanuit Californië! Enjoy!

Melissa, Mark en Marshall schreven:
Well, many of you may have thought that California had a huge earthquake and fell off into the Pacific Ocean.  But, that did not happen.  🙂  We are here!!!  We have been very busy with the volunteer close of our company.  After 30 years, we just did not want to be employers any longer, especially in the anti-business State of California. Although it was always a very profitable business, we decided we wanted to do something else.  It took 1 year to plan, and went very well.  By Jan 2013 after we process the last tax forms, we will be 100% free!  🙂

The two pups are doing great!  Niko is now 60 pounds, not surprising since he was the biggest of all the Senna puppies.  And Indy is now 50 pounds.  Niko is beautiful with the typical markings.  Indy has a lot more dark spotting and a very dark belly.  They are best of friends!  Have never had a moment to be concerned.  We said all along that our first two Stabyhoun boys were perfect together.  We never altered them, they always stayed around without any special discipline.  Niko and Indy are the same way.  Niko seems to be dominant between the two, but Indy does have a very strong personality.  Niko is very calm, Indy still has the playful-puppy mind.  Both are very obedient and LOVE to go on their walks.  We take them about every-other-day for about a 1-2 hour walk.  Although we have much land here, we have wonderful places to walk and a brand new 40 acre park just down the street.  We bought EASY WALK harnesses for them that are working fantastically.  They never pull and they INSTANTLY started walking with ease.  It was overnight!  One day they walked with their collars pulling, the next day they stopped pulling with the harnesseson.  We recommend them highly.  It was almost like magic.  🙂

We plan to have Niko’s eyes checked in the next few months.  Decided to wait a few extra months because we wanted to be able to have them checked one time and be certain either way.  We are praying his eyes are clear.  He is a beautiful Stabyhoun and would be a wonderful dog to help increase the breed numbers here on the West Coast of the United States.   Niko certainly has a much thicker coat of hair than Indy.  It is a daily cleaning from top-to-bottom with the shedding of his winter coat.  The FURMINATOR works great.  Talking the hair off of the dogs with ease.  They both sit and just love it.  They still just love their soft-sided kennels for night.  Usually, Mark goes to bed before Melissa and they go down the hall and go to bed too.  They sit patiently in the morning until we allow them to come out.  We have taught them to sit and wait until they are told to come once we have unzipped their kennels.  Such Good Boys!!!  They are still LOVING that dog door and use it, a wise decision on their part!!!!  (haha)  

We are considering taking the two pups to Pennsylvania in 2013 for the American Stabyhoun Association meeting.  Apparently the Dutch judges will be coming out.  Not certain if we will make the 3000 mile journey, but we are considering it.  We are also praying Patty and Massimo will fly out and join us.  That would just be wonderful!!  🙂  hint, hint,hint.  🙂

We will try and get a more timely update next time.  There is a wonderful Dog Beach about 40 miles from us, and hope to take the dogs there soon.  California is very dog friendly.  Many of the Hotels and Motels accept dogs.  Many will even offer outside dining so it is easy to take your dog with you everywhere.  Most of the beaches also allow dogs, but on a leash for part of the day.  But, the beach in Huntington Beach allows them to be free from the leash.  We will certainly take photos when we go.

Until next time…………  Melissa, Mark, Marshall, Niko, and Indy…………..  And the Friesian Horses too, Leo and Sasha!



Niko on the front, Indy behind him

Niko on the front, Indy behind him                           Indy on the front, Niko behind him


24 Juli 2012
We took Niko to the Eye Specialist today.  

11 Oktober 2012
Niko and Indy are in great health and enjoying life.  We have had a very hot summer, two months of 100 degrees (38 degrees Celsius) weather!  Both boys did well in the hot weather but really enjoy the air conditioning in the house too.
We made a beach trip to the Pacific ocean in Huntington Beach, California.  We went to a “dog beach” where dogs are allowed to run free and play in the water.  There were a lot of dogs there.  Unfortunately, Niko did not like the ocean, he seemed to be afraid of the waves, were not sure, but you could tell he was unhappy.  We had to drag him into the water!  Lots of dogs were coming up and saying “Hi”, and maybe it was just a little too much stimulation for him all at once.  We had fun anyway and plan to go back and give Niko another chance to enjoy the water.
I have attached some pictures of the beach trip and some pictures of the boys playing on the ranch.
Have a great reunion!

23 april 2013
Niko had a wonderful birthday!  He went to PetsMart and picked out a new Toy.  A red Frisbee.  He paraded around the house so proud of his new toy, we really believe he knew it was his birthday.  🙂  He and Indy both had a McDonald’s cheeseburger as well for dinner.  🙂  We had cupcakes, but did not allow them to have one.  However, I know they would have enjoyed it.  The two are doing great!  Indy will be two in just a few weeks and we plan to x-ray their hips at the same time.  I took this picture this morning.  Mark & Marshall we trimming a tree in the backyard and they cut a nice stick for Niko.  Indy could care-less about the stick, but you know Niko and Senna are just alike in that regards.

24 Juni 2013
Niko’s hips are X-rayed and we’re waiting for the results at the moment. 
We also made a video of Niko’s movements.
Please don’t laugh, he is not trained to do this and Marshall and Mark had never done this before either.  🙂  We just knew you would want to see what he looks like at 2 years and 2 months.
The boys are still very much puppies in the mind.  Indy more than Niko.   Niko was so excited when we put the harness on him for the video he thought he was going to go for a walk.  Also, Indy was in the back yard very upset he was not in the front yard where Niko was, Indy also probably thinking Niko was going on a walk without him.  Haha  🙂  A little Circus going on.  Even after a very long walk they barely get tired.  🙂  That was why Niko was so excited in the Video.  

06 Juli 2013
The results of the boys:

Hips:  Fair (in FCI (Europese) termen is dit: B+; niet perfect, maar wel gewoon goed) 
Elbows:  Normal (In FCI termen is dit A+ of A-; netjes!)
Patty writes: We’re very happy with these results: congratulations!Indy:
Hips:  Good (In FCI  (Europese) termen is dit: A-; dus gewoon goed)
Elbows:  Grade 2 Elbow Dysplasia (Elleboog Dysplasie graad 2)

We have informed Lee Brewer (Of the American Stabyhoun Association) of the results and are awaiting word from her if Niko is approved or disapproved for Breeding! 

14 December 2013
These are not great, but I found them on my little Junky Camera. They were taken last month (November).

Niko watching the food

Niko with his toy

Indy and his morning Coffee

13 Januari 2014
Attached is the picture of Niko that Marshall took.  Marshall was INSIDE the house.

30 maart 2014

13 Januari 2014
Attached is the picture of Niko that Marshall took.  Marshall was INSIDE the house.

30 maart 2014

2 mei 2014

On Monday and Tuesday (04-21-2014 & 04-22-2014) Niko had his first breeding experience, with Lena, Nancy Mitchel’s Female from Colorado.  Lena is a full sister to Indy.  Nancy & Lena traveled about 1400 miles for the breeding.  Lena is a very playful 3-year old, very similar to Indy’s personality.  It did not take much time for them to complete the courtship and the mating.  Lena was covered two times, we are awaiting the news of the ultrasound which I believe will be sometime around May 21st.
Indy, Lena & Niko 

20 mei 2014
We learned this morning Nancy took Lena in for an ultrasound. 
Lena is pregnant with at least 5 puppies! So far so good!! 

18 juni 2014

Niko and Indy are doing great!  Indy had finally gained weight.  We will never really know why but he was castrated and then slowly started to gain.  We still give him 1/2 Pepcid AC every night, but we had to start giving him less breakfast.  Amazing!!  It is weird to see him with a belly and back filled out.  😉
Many dogs you castrate and it does nothing.  But we had to try. He was just too thin. Indy is the kind of dog that needs to have food in his stomach a few times a day.  And the Pepcid takes care of him overnight.  We give him his Pepcid in his food, but with it Berry flavor he eats it like candy.
We’re so glad Berber is dong so well. The puppies look great!

Here are some photos of a wide version of Lena. Lena, from what I remember, is Due around June 20th. We learned she had an X-ray today and they saw 7 puppies. 

19 Juni 2014

Between 8:02 pm and 11:18 pm Wed Lena gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies, 4 males, and 2 females- all textbook births, all vigorous nursers, all doing really well. Three hours later a last very small female came out still-born. Lena is a great mom and was a real champ all through the process. I have attached the two pictures she sent.  I just love some of those markings !!  Two almost look like twins on the backside.  Ha!  Wonderful about the 6, sad about 1.  ;-( Senna is a grandma again!  We will tell Niko.  LOL!

Website from Nancy (Lena’s owner): 

02 Juli 2014

Sadly enough, we recieved the news that one of the pups didn’t survive. Lena was lying in the middle of the whelping box with a puppy under her. The rest of the pups are doing really well. At the age of 10 days, they already tripled their birthweights! For more news and photos of the pups, you can see the website of Nancy (owner of Lena):

10 Augustus 2014

There were four pups left, one female and three males (tragedy happend with the fifth pup (accidently tripped and stepped on)).
The pups that are left are very good looking pups. Here are some photos of them.

5 September 2014
Oh Patty, I wish we could attend the reunion!   Please tell everybody Niko Sends his love!  And so do we.  😉  Pictures attached!!
We met with Cynthia and Gage Hoffman on the 24th of August.  Just a meet and greet.  They are very nice and their female was friendly and Niko and Indy enjoyed the company!!  A nice match for Niko and they are only 25 min away from us.  Baily is 5 years old and the BAC made a special exception to allow the breeding this December when she is 5-1/2 years old. We will see.

It’s Niko in the two pictures.  Not good pictures, but you can see where he can go out and play, even one of the Friesian Horses in the back right side.  😉  Indy is well too.  FAT!  We had to cut the food back for him.  Amazing how he went from Anorexic to Fat!  But it is nice to see him eat.  We still give him 1/4 Pepcid Complete every evening to keep the acid in his stomach in check. 

17 september 2014
Niko’s eyes was retested today for Cataracts and eye diseases.  His eyes are PERFECT!  Yeah! 
I am so glad he is ok.  I could care less about the breeding……….  I just want him to be healthy. 
Indy is as wacky as always.  Ha!  I stayed home with Indy while Mark took Niko…..  he is such a character!  Where he lacks in confirmation and smarts……….he gains in personality.

14 maart 2016

We are doing well here and the boys are doing great too! I have attached a few pictures but they will not be very good. LOL!
Also the test results that are for Niko for Cerebral Dysfunction Syndrome came in.  Of course…..  Negative (so free/clear!).  🙂

23 Januari 2017

I don’t need to say how bad we are with the camera and sending photos.  The boys were just back from the groomers and thought I would take a couple of photos for you. Their ears were suppose to be “rounded” however they cut them straight. Oops… Enjoy the photos!!


29 Januari 2017

Here is a picture that Marshall took of Mark & Niko with his phone. This is Niko’s signature move. He LOVES to come up behind you and stand between your legs. He does it enough that Indy in the past 6 months will do this occasionally too. He is such a handsome boy.

29 Augustus 2018
I texted Mark and Heidi and Daniel these. But after 3 more tries this morning Niko finally made it happen with Cookie on the 4th attempt. They were together at least 15 mins! She’s such a nice female!

December 2019A lot of things have changed here. Unfortunately we got divorced. Mark will be taking care of Niko & Indy until my home is finished. Then I will drive back here and take them to their new home. He says they are doing GREAT.  I am very much looking forward to taking them to my new home. 

24 Februari 2020
I have attached a couple of photos of the boys. Mark takes them to the University and lets them run in fenced area.

31 Augustus 2020
I wanted to let you know the boys came home today. Sunday, August 30. They are doing great! And I am like a kid at Christmas right now!

19 Oktober 2020
He has always been just like his mom carrying something around! 💙❤️💜💚

12 November 2020
It is almost all melted now. The boys really enjoyed it!  So did I.

4 Januari 2021
Greetings from Utah, USA. I took a picture of some flowers I had received and Niko was right there. Happy New year to all in the Nest!!

3 April 2021 
Niko on the left, Indy on the right

7 December 2021 

The boys are doing great.  Of course, Indy continues to suffer from the Calcified spots in his lungs and a few other issues, but is the happiest little guy.  ;0)  Niko is still Mr. Reserved and does not let me out of his site.  He is a true Stabyhoun!

9 April 2022 (11 years)
Happy 11th birthday to the entire nest! Niko is watching for all who want to come visit us in Utah, USA.

8 December 2022
Indy passed away peacefully on Sunday morning 12/4/22. Niko of course was really affected however is doing better. Indy was a talker. Whereas Niko is quiet. It is very quiet now. A blessing to still have Niko here. I put a rug out in the living-room just for him. Told him it was his and he thinks he is a special boy now. 😁

20 December 2022
At home Niko is doing well. But in the truck he is not happy. He wants to go with me, but he starts to shake and pant. I hope this gets better. It started since Indy passed away.

31 Januari 2023
Wanted to update you on Niko’s anxiety in the truck. On January 3rd I received a calming product from a company called REGGIE. So far there is no change, even with longer wait times & double the product, which the maker stated it was ok. These are little soft chews. Next, I plan to try the drops you mentioned. I think CHEWY sells a drop. Furthermore Niko is doing well. I will let you know the next try. 😁